Who are


Founded in 2020, CIRMIB brings together some fifteen experts from the Department of Civil and Building Engineering at the University of Sherbrooke. The Centre was formed by pooling the strengths of two strategic groups, the Centre d'études interuniversitaire des structures sous charges extrêmes (CEISCE) and the Centre de recherche sur les infrastructures en béton (CRIB). In addition, CIRMIB will host researchers in energy and building physics who are members of the new orientation of the department.

Thus, CIRMIB brings together experts from the entire value chain, from the development of materials for infrastructure and building construction, structural behavior, building energy, to environmental performance (sustainable development) determined by life cycle assessment (LCA). The integration of all these expertises makes CIRMIB the only university center in Quebec and in Canada that brings together all the specialties of the built environment in a single entity.

Our mission

CIRMIB's mission is to contribute to the development of new materials and new tools to improve the service life of new and existing structures and buildings. More specifically, CIRMIB's mission is to develop innovative materials, structures, techniques and tools to optimize the design of new infrastructures and buildings and the maintenance or rehabilitation of existing structures. This research also focuses on the development of instrumentation and monitoring methods for infrastructure as an aid to decision-making by government authorities. CIRMIB's mission is part of a sustainable development policy that aims to extend the life of structures and buildings and to develop new materials with a reduced carbon and environmental footprint.


1.Development of new innovative materials for the design of high performance, environmentally responsible and sustainable concrete

2.Hydrid and multi-scale design

3.Sustainable management of built environment and buildings